Spring arrives in time for the Spring Trips after seemingly weeks of cold windy weather, spring decided to arrive just in time for the Javea Spring trips competition sponsored by Black Tower Finance. There were even some legs on show as bowlers cast off their long trousers in favour of shorts.16 teams battled it out over two days to play two 12 end games each day, not for the fainthearted this competition as there was only a short period of time between matches. The teams were divided into two groups and the winner of each group met for an extra 12 end final. Winner of group A were The Cotton Tails consisting of Jan and Paul Brown and John North and group B winners were Saints and Sinner (nobody would admit to who was who in that team). The Cotton Tails won each of their four previous games easily and had a shot difference of plus 35, Saints and Sinner met a couple of our ¨newby¨ teams on the way to the final who gave them a run for their money, notably The crocs with Steve Upton, Lew McColl and Heather Stephens and the team of LLoyds Bankers with Tony Lloyd, Chris Blackstone and Ken Varney. The Saints and Sinners emerged victorious from the final and Alan Stephens, Greg Sperring and Nick Cole lifted the cup. Both finalist teams were given a cash prize in addition to presentation box of wine and glasses. Congratulations especially to Alan Stephens who has only been bowling for 12 months and already now has his name on the club Honours board.

The Winners


Greg Sperring - Alan Stephens - Nick Cole.

The Runners -Up


John North - Jan Brown - Paul Brown.

Photo's courtesy of Jonathan Barr

Posted 15.30. 28th March
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