The winning team: , Derek Eldon, with Greg Sperring (BBC). Runners up Trevor Evans, BBC, with Velia Wood (JG)

Javea Green members have been well represented in the summer’s Aussie Pairs competitions, at El CID and BBC, competing in JGBC only teams or mixed teams with other local clubs. Javea Green were well represented at the El Cid Bowling Club, three day Aussie Pairs competition, held on the 11/12 and 13th of this month. This is an excellent discipline with members from the following Bowls Club. Horadado and Bonalba (the members of these clubs staying in hotels for the three days), Benitachell, Javea Green and El CID. The final saw two of the Javea Green members competing against each other with their partners coming from Benitachell. An excellent game played in extremely hot weather. After the presentation of monetary prizes had taken place El Cid catering provided Tapas for all.

Posted 18th June



The winning team 'Rolling Bones' was Brenda Burgess (JG), Gail Chick, Mary Cockell, Bob Cockell, Harry Chick & Greg Sperring (BBC)

9 teams competed over 9 weeks on a Monday or Thursday.This was the second year that the same “Rolling Bones" won the competition, this year with a 14 points shot difference from "No Lo Creo!".

The "No lo Creo!" runners up team was Maggie Lawley, Tony Lawley, Derek Mawson, Christine Mawson, Dave Roberts and Jacquie Roberts. The competition was excellently run and on the final session Tapas and drinks were provided, after presentation of the cup and monetary prizes.

Posted 18th June


Tuesday. 29th May – Thursday 31st May, 2018




Carol Davey. Ken Davey & Jonathan Barr (With Gwen Sackman)

72 Bowlers split into 24 teams turned out to take part in the annual ‘Dave Sackman Memorial 3-2-1’ competition. The format is 4 groups of 6 teams playing in a round robin contest, the winners of each group play in a semi-finals knockout to arrive at the last 2 teams standing. Each team had to play 6 ends of Triples, 6 ends of Pairs and 6 ends of Singles, 2 extra points were up for grabs for shot difference advantage. At stake was the Trophy and Cash Prize for the winners and Cash Prizes for the runners-up and beaten semi-finalists. The 4 teams who made it to the Semis were Bonalba team SANTOS (Roli and Evie Bell plus Geoff Dowson), OLD COBBERS (Peter Shaw, Graham Marshall and Richard Day, JGBC), OPAL ROLLERS (Matt Taylor, Joe Schulein and Brian Walker, JGBC) and lastly the MOTHER CLUCKERS (Carol and Ken Davey along with Jonathan Barr, JGBC). The MOTHER CLUCKERS beat the OPAL ROLLERS by 6-2 points to earn their place in the Finals and SANTOS took down the OLD COBBERS by 7 points to 1. After a brief respite, the Finalists took to the green for the last time to battle it out. In the Triples, the MOTHER CLUCKERS won out by 9 shots to 3, in the Pairs they were also triumphant by 10 shots to 1, but when it came to the Singles SANTOS managed to steal the 2 points by 5 shots to 4. So the MOTHER CLUCKERS (don’t try saying that when you’ve had a drink or two!!!) won by a comfortable 6-2 points. Dave Sackman was an ardent supporter of Javea Green Bowls and worked his socks off for the Club. His Family have been donating a substantial cash sum for 5 years now in honour of his memory, today the Prizes were presented by Gwen Sackman, Dave’s wife, and his son, Stephen Sackman, who flew in from Vietnam on his 60th birthday to be present. To mark the occasion JGBC presented Stephen with a birthday cake to a rousing chorus of ‘Happy Birthday to You’ plus commemorative Club badges for him and his Mum. This popular annual event was supported by the local Northern Costa Blanca Clubs, BBC, El Cid and Bonalba plus a good turnout of teams from JGBC. After all the Hullabaloo and photo calls, it was time to tuck into some well-earned grub, so thanks are due to Jan, our resident caterer. For 3 days the bar staff worked flat out to keep us all fed and watered, well done Christine, Matt and Brian. Last but not least thanks go to Keith and Dee Hamilton for a splendidly organised competition, their hard work is much appreciated.


MONDAY 21st May

Our last hope at a title in the Spanish Nationals took place this morning, our team ready to take on San Miguel in the Men's Trips Semi Finals, our boys were keeping ahead of the game until the 11th end when the game evened up somewhat. Javea jumped back ahead in the 12th end, but then started to fall behind - going into the 18 end, Javea was trailing by 5 shots AND the boys were holding 5 shots as well as their breath! the San Miguel Skip with his next to last bowl, drew the shot wood. A big sigh came from the team and our gallery of three supporters. So now there was one wood left for John - much discussion around the head and then back up the green with the shot in mind. With fingers crossed, we all watched as John took out the shot wood, but unfortunately not enough to clear it from the head, Javea were left with three woods holding which was not enough. The end score 21-23.

Really hard luck, excellent effort and proud to see a Javea team in the Semis - it was a good match and came so close to making it to the Finals….next year eh?

(Written by Dee Hamilton)


Saturday saw John Pittaway in the Mens Singles 3rd game against San Luis. Drawn on the same rink as Felicity yesterday, the rink unfortunately handed John the same fate, so our efforts in the Men's Singles came to an end today. Well done to all our players who made the effort and gave their best at the Spanish Nationals. All hopes now rest on the Javea Men's Trips Team who play at 10am on Monday in the Semi Finals. Good luck John P, Keith and Tony……..if you fancy a day out, it's only just over an hour and a half down the AP7 so come along to Emerald Isle and give them your support, it really makes a difference to them.

(Written by Dee Hamilton)


This morning our only lady representing Javea in the Singles took to the rinks, facing a player from Quesada. With some very good heads, the opposition was spot on, repeatedly removing Felicity's shot woods from the jack - unfortunately the end result was a win for Quesada.

In the afternoon, John P and Jack took up the mantle in the Mens Singles. Jack's game was against a player from San Luis, which was a close game on the infamous Rink 8, which appeared to have a piece of Beechers Brook on the ditch side and sent bowls into the air…'tricky' was one way to describe it, after a gallant effort alas it was not to be and San Luis won the match.

John's opposition was a player from San Miguel and our congratulations go to John for a good win - our last man standing in the Mens Singles - next match is 2nd Round (3rd game) on Saturday afternoon. Good luck John, we are all routing for you!

(Written by Dee Hamilton)


Thursday at the Nationals saw the start of the Men's Singles matches. Javea was well represented by John Pittaway, Derek Eldon and Jack Wardrop. Playing other bowlers on their home turf is never an easy task and our boys were playing teams from Emerald Isle and San Miguel. John took on an Emerald Isle bowler and successfully came away with a win - well done John - looks like you have to buy the same opponent from Mondays match another pint!!. Again, against another Emerald Isle bowler, Jack came up trumps with another win. Derek had a tough match against San Miguel, but unfortunately lost out, bad luck Derek.

Friday will see the start of the Ladies Singles matches, our ex-Captain Felicity is flying the flag against Quesada for Javea - so good luck tomorrow Felicity. The next round of the Mens Singles follows at 4pm, when John takes on a San Miguel player and Jack faces a bowler from San Luis. Good luck to all - show those southern bowlers what Javea are made of!

(Written by Dee Hamilton)


Wednesday saw the Javea Men's Pairs come up against each other. Only one thing was for certain, it was going to be a Javea Team through to the next round. The victors were Derek and Tony, and with a brief rest between games, the 2pm session was against San Miguel in the Quarter Finals. After a spirited fight back from Javea, San Miguel managed to claim the victory. Thursday will see the start of the Men's Singles rounds, John Pittaway and Derek Eldon will fight the Javea corner. Good luck to you both.


The picture below, follows the Victory of John and Clive's Pairs game on Monday 14th May, when John had the opportunity to buy his opponent John Pooley from Emerald Isle, a big beer……and was very happy to do so!

(Written by Dee Hamilton)


Today saw two Pairs games, our Men's Pairs team Jack W and Keith, against San Miguel, It was a real nail biter, right to the last end which tied at 15-15 so an extra end was necessary, on the 19th end, again nip and tuck, but San Miguel managed the winning bowl - it was a cracking good game!

Our Ladies Felicity and Pat W, ready to face the Ladies from San Miguel, put up a good fight, with some great bowling, the Javea Cheerleaders watching from the gallery, gave the girls plenty of moral support, but sadly the San Miguel team took the game.

Wednesday's games see the Javea Men's Pairs teams (Clive n John v Derek n Tony) pitched against each other, which is a shame, but at least it guarantees a Javea team in the Quarter Finals. Good luck boys!

(Written by Dee Hamilton)


Monday morning saw our ladies in action, with Pat (Wardrop)and Felicity being drawn against another Javea pair, Pat (Pittaway) and Dee Hamilton. After leading all the way, Felicity and Pat W found themselves In a very exciting end to the match when Pat P and Dee came back strongly in the last few ends. This meant a 15-15 score line going in to the eighteenth end. Felicity and Pat W managed to score 3 on the final end to take the match and go through to the next round. Javea's other ladies pair of Lynne Eldon and Chris Evans met a strong team from San Miguel and with another exciting last end saw Javea needing 4 shots to draw and force another end. Unfortunately Chris`s excellent drive with her last wood gave Javea 3, just not enough, so they lost by one shot. 15-16

The afternoon was the mens turn. In very windy conditions Clive English and John Pittaway played well against a home team from Emerald Isle and they cruised through to the next round with a 19-14 score line. Derek Eldon and Tony Hesketh-Field battled the conditions and a team from San Miguel and after a ding-dong battle ran out the victors 16-12. The other mens`pairs from Javea, Jack Wardrop and Keith Hamilton do battle tomorrow.

(Written by Felicity Jenkins)


Men's Trips 2nd round. Playing a team from St Luis, John, Keith n Tony won by one shot after a 4 was required to to get a tie on the 18th end at 18-18, an extra end was played and Tony managed to get shot and the boys were through to the 3rd round. Clive, Derek and Jack played a strong team from Emerald Isle but unfortunately lost out. On the ladies games, in the morning session a prelim round saw Chris, Lynne and Pat W take on a Quesada team and it was a good win against a strong team, in the 2nd round at 2pm, they took on a team from Indalo, a very close game indeed and on the last end one shot would have meant a draw, but unfortunately it was not to be, in a tight head the winning shot belonged to the opposition. But well done ladies, tough conditions. In the 2nd ladies game, Felicity, Dee and Pat were up against ladies from San Miguel, but unfortunately did not manage to beat the opposition, but there will be a chance for Javea Team in the next round as Dee and Pat Pittaway take on Pat Wardrop and Felicity in the Ladies Pairs…so at least there will be a Javea team in the next round. Tomorrow - Ladies Pairs for all Javea Ladies and Men's Pairs for Derek & Tony and Clive & John.

(Written by Dee Hamilton)

Success for Javea bowlers at El Cid


Jean McLaughlin and Chris Salter won the J and J 2 wood pairs competition at El Cid by defeating a strong team from Vistabella in the Final. In the quarter final they defeated our own Chris Evans and Clive English and then beat the home team of Yvonne Briden and Alan Ferrand in a hard fought semi-final match. In the Final they were trailing 0-5 after three ends but then turned the match round by winning the next six ends to lead 11-5. This twelve end final was soon over, as they moved into an unassailable lead. Congratulations to Jean and Chris, a great win.

Posted 9th May

Management players (Red Team) triumph and win the first Peter Drake Shield


The 'Peter Drake Shield'. Management versus Chairman. Tuesday, 3rd May.

Well what a good day we all had, 56 bowlers, split into 2 Squads, turned out to contest the new Trophy on the block, ‘The Peter Drake Shield’, donated by our Sponsor, Glenn of Infinity International Ltd. Many thanks Glenn. The Management side will be the first to have their name emblazoned on the new Shield, having beaten the Chairman by a mere 115 shots to 112. Yes Folks, it came down to shot difference as both Squads achieved 7 points apiece, 3 wins each and one drawn match. This popular annual tussle was played in a spirit of great bonhomie, and at last the weather played no tricks to rain on our parade. Games over, we all trooped in to lunch, again courtesy of the major Sponsor of the event, Glenn Tullet. Jan and her team did us proud as we all tucked into some well-earned grub. After some merry banter, the Shield was presented to the Management, aka Brian Taylor, and once engraved will join the other trophies in the display case. Photos were taken of the Winners and the Runners-Up to bring to an end a thoroughly enjoyable competition, ably organised by Mike O’Neill.

By Yvonne C. who is taking over from Jan Brown, 3rd May, 2018



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