Opal Team Captain Trevor Neale

The Opal Team's Home Page

Team Captain - Tony Crease

Vice Captain - Colin Houghton

Welcome to the Opal Web Page

Colin and I hope you will find the information contained here will be of use during the season.

Team selection will be on the site as early as is possible for the following week's game. When we play two games within seven days, Colin and I will need to select the teams during the lunch following the first game, so the web page will be updated as soon as possible after that.
The Notice Board will be kept updated but it will be faster to update the web page.

I hope that we can make all the right decisions regarding team selection and put out the strongest teams possible.

Please remember we are a Squad. Not everybody will be on form throughout the season. It would be nice to do better than last season and to this end 'on form' members will be selected, rather than the same people playing every week.

With the size of our squad every member that would like to play will get a game every 2 or 3 weeks.

Trevor Neale Captain
Colin Houghton Vice Captain

Opals Fixtures for next season now available
Team A Team B Team C Team D
-- -- -- --
-- -- -- --
-- -- -- --
Friendly A Friendly B Friendly C
-- - -
-- - -
-- - -
Reserves -

Please indicate if you are available to play or not by ticking the list on the Opals notice board If you are unavailable, please also ring Trevor as soon as possible.

In case of inclement weather on the day –ring your skip.

Dress Code

Jávea Green players will comply with the club dress code. Ties and cravats will be worn, bowls must have club stickers.

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