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"The International Scene"

The Spanish Team has had notable successes and disappointments during the past year.
Between the 4th and 16th of May last year we took part in the Atlantic Championships 2009 held at the impressive Wanderers complex in Johannesburg, although the condition of the greens were not as impressive as the Club House, which has to be the finest that we have seen anywhere in the world.
We arrived in South Africa a week early to acclimatise to the rarefied atmosphere of 6000 feet above sea level and to get in some serious practice against local District and Provincial teams kindly arranged by our friends at our Host club Jeppe Quandam.
Due to major infrastructure work taking place at the time for the forthcoming football World Cup 2010 it was suggested that the road works would mean travelling to and from our Bowls South Africa recommended Hotel could take 2 hours each way and I therefore moved the Team to a private Lodge where we took all the available rooms and it proved to be a great bonding experience as we all lived cheek by jowl for the week and had many lively and entertaining evenings winding down from the strenuous activities of the day. As Johannesburg is rightly known as the most lawless City in the world we were advised not to venture out at night. Even the locals don’t drive after dark and their homes are effectively security-guarded prisons, not a good feeling! We then moved to the City Lodge Hotel for the Tournament to start and joined Canada, the Netherlands, Brazil and Israel. It was just as well Israel stayed at our Hotel as their security was intense and no one was allowed on board the coach until it had been checked for explosives etc. Equally, some of their team travelled with the security car, which followed, otherwise there wouldn’t have been sufficient space as Bowls South Africa only provided seats for 70 when 77 were needed, but that’s another story!
In the end the Ladies qualified for World Bowls 2012 in Adelaide Australia and disappointingly the Men missed out due to a number of factors that went against them, notably a change of how points were awarded from the last time, because a team had allegedly thrown a game to allow an easier passage into the knockout stages, something that has happened again just recently when New Zealand were caught cheating which effectively put Canada out of a recent competition and subsequently the New Zealand team were banned for 6 months. The points system has been changed again purely to stop teams cheating and I thought Bowls was a friendly sport!!
Another factor was after rain curtailed a day’s play and after 14 ends the games were declared finished at that point by the Championship Committee. The Men were leading Scotland by 19 shots to 10 and Scotland congratulated us on a good win and advancing to the quarter finals, with enough points to qualify! Lo and behold, we learned to our amazement that overnight the U.S.A. had appealed against the decision and the World Bowls Committee had overturned the previous decision (The Committees were virtually the same!!) U.S.A. had thought that they could qualify from the Tournament but everybody else knew they could only do so from the Asia Pacific, good old U.S.A. so their appeal cost us a qualifying place as Scotland came out to finish the match under dubious circumstances and eventually won the match on the last end with a miracle shot. That again is another story!!
Between the 2nd and 4th of October last year Spain’s Men entertained the City of London who came with an impressive array of current and ex Internationals and they took Spain a little more lightly than proved wise and were soundly beaten 17 points to 7.
Between the 10th and 11th of November we travelled to Portugal, who have never had much success against Spain but this time was to prove different! Spain always get of to a slow start and normally rally during the second day to take the spoils comfortably but Portugal dug deep and we had to win 7 of the last 8 games to win overall, a task that looked beyond us, but after a couple of team changes Spain rose to the occasion and won with the last wood of the last end of the last game. Some finish!! I don’t want to go through that again.
Lastly, we entertained Guernsey’s Commonwealth games team during the period 20th to 21st February this year to give them some much needed practice on our greens at Emerald Isle, which have a similar surface to that being laid in Delhi India.
Although Guernsey piped Spain’s Men to a place in World Bowls 2012 by a single point in Johannesburg revenge was sweet as both the Men and Ladies performed magnificently to run out comfortable winners by 24 games to 7 with one halved.
You can see full reports and scores for all the above Test matches on our website and I invite you to do so as there are details of forthcoming Test matches against both the full Commonwealth Games Teams of Wales and later, England. Never have Spain played host to such talent and I implore you to come and support us and witness Bowls at it’s best.

Best wishes to you all and hope that your dreams are fulfilled during the Valencian Championships.
See you on the green.
Nick R Bunbury
Manager Spanish International Lawn Bowls Team



When I became a Coach some 20 years ago, little did I know what path it would take me.
Within a year I became the Hampshire County Coach. I also became part of the English Bowls Coaching Scheme Seminars, which took me all over England. So you could say that I have some experience. I came to Spain in 2001, I decided that I was just going to be a bowler the same as everyone else and enjoy my retirement. You know how it goes. Someone asks you how long you’ve been playing bowls, what County did you bowl for, have you won anything etc…… Then someone from your County recognises you and that’s it. It doesn’t take long to get around. So, when I was asked to do some Coaching in my Club, I couldn’t refuse. Not that I would anyway. I eventually became the Spanish National Coach in January 2008. Since I have been in Spain I am amazed at the diverse perception of this game of ours. People put so much emphasis on the Jack & forget the wider picture. You need to build a head for all eventualities. Look at what you’ll lose if it goes wrong. Don’t be greedy. It looks good holding five shots, but what have you got covering the back? A skip against you with the last Bowl of the end is a dangerous person. A heavy bowl through the head and you’ve just lost five shots. NO back bowls!!! Bowls is like a game of Chess, you need to watch every move and be prepared for the unexpected. A lot of people ask me to teach them Weight and Consistency. These are 2 things you cannot teach. Practice and concentration are the key to consistency and Weight control. In practice you should set up two or three jacks at different lengths. Short, medium and Long. Bowl to each length alternately using backhand and forehand. What works for me may not work for you. Everybody has different ways of delivering and standing on the mat. A few suggestions are: Take a smaller/longer step. Take your arm back further for the longer jack. Speed up your arm swing to give more momentum for a long jack and slow it down for a short jack. All these things can be practiced until you find something that works for you. When you have found it, stick with it and practice it until it becomes part of you. Concentration is a personal thing. Some people will stand and take deep breaths, others will have something that triggers them. Nobody can concentrate for a whole 18 ends. So long as you are concentrating when it’s your turn to bowl that should be sufficient. You should also be watching the progress of the game. Most people get the 9/10 end slump in a game. This is due to a few factors. Dehydration, lack of concentration, lack of energy, too much chat. The best thing to do is take a toilet break. Refocus on your game. A Banana is a good source of quick energy, also sweets like jellies are a good source of sugar.
Enjoy your game.

Pat Metcalfe. Spanish National Coach.

Spanish National Squad Programme for 2010

Training Sessions

Submitted by Pat Metcalfe Spanish National coach email:moc.liamg|temnnap#moc.liamg|temnnap

The following dat
es & Venues have been selected for
Training sessions during 2010.

I have not yet secured green space but anticipate using, Mazarron, El Rancho & at least one session at Indalo. Emerald Isle will also be used for the Guernsey, Wales & England Test Matches.
The Dates are flexible in case of other possible Test Matches.
I am also looking at the possibility of a Provincial Game.

February – Sat. 20th & Sun. 21st Test Match against Guernsey @ Emerald Isle

March – Fri.19th to Mon. 22nd Invitation Match v Malaga Select @ Indalo
Spain’s 1st practice game is on Sat. 20th against Indalo in the afternoon.

April – Friday 16th & Sat. 17th Test Match Spain v Wales @ Emerald Isle

May – Sat. 8th & Sun. 9th Test Match against England @ Emerald Isle

June – Sun. 20th & Mon. 21st Whole Squad ( Mazarron )

September – Sat. 18th & Sun. 19th Whole Squad

October/November – Sun. 31st & Mon. 1st Nov Test Match v Portugal @ Indalo

October – Fri. 29th & Sat. 30th Iberian Challenge v Portugal @ Indalo

We recognise that these dates may give problems for some of you within your own Clubs, such as rounds to obtain qualification for the National Championships, but we are confident that not only would you wish to attend the training sessions, but your Clubs would also wish to support you in every way possible. We would like to advise Team members, under the By-Laws for Sports Clubs, which all Federated Clubs have signed up to, under Article 6, Clubs Obligations with respect to Federated sportsmen/women:-
"The Club shall be obliged to place at the disposal of the corresponding Sport Federation, its members who are Federated sportsmen/women such that they may participate in sports teams, etc, etc."
"Likewise, the club shall place at the disposal of the Federations, its members who are Federated sportsmen/women, for participation in specific Sport Training Programmes."

On behalf of the Management, thank you for your co-operation.

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