Fun Day Report

Felicity Jenkins sent me a note highlighting the sheer amount of hard work and enthusiasm that went into making the JAVEA GREEN BOWLS CLUB FUN DAY such a fabulous success. I think before we thank any individuals, we must make particular mention of Felicity (and Colin!) for thinking up the concept and encouraging many others to back her idea – well done and thanks Felicity!

Her first thanks go to everyone who contributed in any way, even if it was only by digging deep into pockets and purses to add to the funds of the day, over €1000 was made of which a donation will be given to "Help" of Denia a well deserving charity.

John and Dot North supplied the jams and pickles and Terry Wheeler’s wife did a roaring trade with home made cakes. Pat Pittaway and Maureen Barrie sold tombola tickets to everyone who stepped through the door (they “bullied” €300 euros out of the poor unsuspected!). The raffle was organised by Rosie Woodhead, who also did such a good job of the hand-painted banners. There was the quiz from turbaned John “The Shake” – yes that is spelt right! The treasure hunt and guess the number of grains of rice was run by Jill and Peter Worthington. Our Club captain was in charge of Play your Cards Right. Felicity also thanks all those running the bowling contests. Ken Davey's grandson spent his inheritance on "Have a Go Bowling" it would have been cheaper for Ken to have paid for a years’ membership!!

John Pittaway looked very fetching in his fez, who together with Bill Barrie organised the snooker competition, which was won by Dennis Purcell, whose birthday it was. Anyone who knows John and Bill will know they gave no favours to the birthday boy. Anne Mackenna guessed the correct weight of the cake and was spot on at 6lb 1oz. Neil Fagan, who supplied the music all day won the paella pan. The Target Bowls prize was won by a new bowler, how scary is that? Richard had donated a watch for the raffle and promptly won it back he gave it back again for “another time!! Doreen Collins was selling bowls paraphernalia at very keen prices

Brian Fenton’s 13 year old granddaughter, Clare sang so beautifully through the day and even Brian did a number.
So, thanks to one and all – everyone did great and showed the true spirit of The Club.


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