Club Secretary Info.


Please note the membership fees for the year 1st May 2017 to 30th April 2018 are due by the 30th April 2017. For the year commencing 1st May 2017 and ending 30th April 2018 the annual membership fees will be 370 Euros. This is made up of: 338 Euros IOTG, 20 Euros JGBC, 12 Euros basic Federation Fee (FBCV). Therefore, the total to pay for Annual ‘Group A’ members is 370 Euros per person.

All fees should be paid to either Matt or Brian Taylor, behind the Club bar. Payment may be made either by cash; Visa/MasterCard, or by cheque. If anyone has any concerns about payment of these fees please speak with either Matt or Brian. Only those members who have paid their Annual Fees by the 11th May 2017 are eligible to attend the Annual General Meeting. We would ask however that you do not leave your payment until the morning of the AGM as this would be difficult to process, and the agenda and documentation will be sent out on or before the 4th May.

Club A.G.M. Information May 2017.

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