Congratulations to Niel Roake (England) and Jack Wardrop (Scotland) who have been selected to play at the 4 Nations comp. at Monte Mar on 14th April

Also, we all wish our club champions the best of luck in their respective disciplines at the Champion of Champions competition taking place at a couple of venues south of Alicante from the 16th to the 21st April. If you wish to go along and support our guys and gals, then Alan Phillips has the schedule, (times and venues) I'm sure our players would welcome a few friendly faces at these events!!

Posted 8th April

'The Spanish squad did well'

1st in the ladies singles & pairs.

1st in the men's singles.

Ladies came second overall.

Men came 3rd overall.

Combined Spain came 2nd.

Posted 25th March

Good picture of our elder statesman bowling down under!! Think he’s cheating with a bowl that size!!

Posted 25th March


After playing two more of their club championship games today, Lynne and Derek Eldon are flying off to Cyprus tomorrow, Friday, to represent Spain. In a four nation competition, which includes Israel and Jersey, Lynne and Derek are part of a 5 person team representing our adopted country. JGBC congratulates them on being chosen for the team and wishes them well. We will be following their progress in the triples and the rinks.

Posted 15th March

Hello everybody. We are nearly at the end of our bowling calender for 2017 and I would like to congratulate all our members and teams who throughout the season so far, are hopefully, enjoying, both themselves, and success, in the process. A particular mention must go to the Winter League team who have finished the year at the top of the table. Very well done to Clive and the squad. In the Northern League, Quartz are doing well and are third at the moment. Onyx are having a good run in the Challengers, also lying in third place. Congratulations to one and all who have been involved.Let's keep it going in the New Year. I would like to take this opportunity of personally wishing everyone a happy Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. Best wishes to you all wherever in the world that you may be celebrating.

Posted 15th December

I have been reliably informed by Brian Taylor that our new carpet will be stretched in October. Therefore the markings on the rinks will be made in temporary chalk until after that happens. This will mean that during the Iberian competition the markings will be renewed when necessary in chalk.

Posted 6th September

I have received this reply in response to my query about what the insurance on the new Federation card actually covers?

The incorrect date on the cards is not a problem as it is a collective Insurance. The Insurance goes on for ever, but the basics are:-

1. It only covers accidents on the green. 2. It does not cover any previous injuries that recur on the green. 3. In the first instance the injured should call a National Health Service hospital. If they call a Private Company they could be faced with the bill. 4. Always contact the Tel. number on the back of the card as soon as possible to avoid the injured incurring any cost. The Insurance is the minimum that is required by Law, and when you consider that it costs less than €2 per person, you can appreciate the limited value.

The Full Insurance policy is available on our "Members Page".(Be it all in Spanish)

At the July 11th LLB meeting it was agreed that, (and I quote) :- ''A member of an LLB affiliated club when visiting another club to play, for whatever purpose, will pay 4 euros and expect to produce either their club membership card or their federation card''

Posted 27th July

The Spanish international team will be holding team trials and using our green from the afternoon of Friday 23rd June until Sunday 25th June. Spectators and supporters are welcome to come along on Sunday when a match will be played against a mixed local team.

Posted 10th June

As your returning Captain I would like to thank you for your continuing support and let you know about an Open Day on Wednesday 24th May we are offering other local clubs. As a thankyou for their understanding when visiting and playing at our club after the fires damaged our green, we have invited club members from all the clubs to come and bowl on our new carpet. It will be an informal affair from 10am to 5pm, and time on the green will be only restricted if the number of visitors exceeds the available space.This is not a club day but our club members that are ,or have been , away and not been able to play on our new greens before this day are of course included, with the same restrictions as above. If any members could spare some time during those hours, in which to welcome members from other clubs, it would be greatly appreciated. The bar will be open all day and catering facilities will be available from 10am to 3pm.

NB. The Dave Sackman 321 is scheduled for the following Tuesday 30th May to Thursday 1st June, and there still a few more teams required. This competition is the first chance for our new competition secretary, Keith Hamilton, to be in charge. Let's make it a successful experience.

Posted 14th May

"Whilst the carpet is being replaced next week, El Cid have kindly offered our members the chance to join them on their club days. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday am. Sign in at 9:15am Saturday pm. Sign in before 1pm.

Posted 16th April

"How many men does it take to put up an umbrella?"

Posted 6th March

Our New Carpet

The committee are pleased to announce that our new carpet and underlay will be laid during the week beginning 17th April. The company doing the work recommend that time of year, as having the optimum weather conditions to get the best results. It is also a good time for the club as that time of year does not disrupt our very busy playing schedule. Brian and Matt have asked the company for a carpet which will be faster than our existing one.

(Updated 3rd December)


Nick Cole is representing Spain in New Zealand this month. We all wish him Good luck.

(Posted 16th November.)

'New website of interest to all LLB bowlers'
(Posted 24th October)

This is how to dress for marking.

Posted 12th September.

Goodbye CBBA Hello LLB

For the information of all JGBC members.

Please take a few minutes to read the following extract from the new LLB minutes. It is not going to change your lives but you might like to know what goes on behind the scenes. If you would like to know more, join our committee next year.!!


(Posted 1st September)

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