John North, Pauline Bishop, Steve Upton.




Alan Stephens, Keith Hamilton and Keith Scott (Not available for photo).



72 members of Javea Bowls Club entered and a draw took place to put members in a team of 3 players which amounted to a total of 24 teams.The teams were placed in 2 groups and each team played a total of 3 games throughout the day. Each team member took in in turns to play the 'Lead' then the 'Skip and then the 'Second'. This concept gives each player experience in the different roles a bowler can have in a team game. Prior to commencement of the competition there was a fun game which is called the 'spider', which involves all players standing around various parts of the green and they must place one foot in the ditch and on the Captain's command they must bowl towards a placed jack in the centre of the green. The object of the game is to get as close to the jack as possible and the winner gets a prize. As you can imagine, approximately 72 players bowling simultaneously will create quite the spectacle and bowls were being clattered all over the green. The lucky winner was Niel Roake.It was a particularly hot day and thankfully the players only had to complete 8 ends per game. Refreshments in the form of jacket potatoes or sandwiches were offered free of charge and were most welcomed by Javea members who thanked the catering staff for providing these tasty meals. Surprisingly out of the 24 teams, not one team won all 3 of their matches which is quite unusual. Fifteen teams managed to win at least 2 of their matches so the winners were decided on shot difference. With a score of plus 15 shots the runners up were Keith Hamilton, Alan Stephens and Keith Scott. The winners with a score of a healthy plus 19 shots were Pauline Bishop, Steve Upton and John North. Well done to them.

Also during the day this year's Javea Green Captain who is Felicity Jenkins ran a 'pot of gold' raffle like game and with the help of funds raised that day by Javea members they managed to raise a healthy €235 which will go towards her chosen charity which is the Parkinson's Society. Felicity thanked all participants and will carry on raising more funds throughout the year and present the final cheque to her charity of choice at the end of the year.

Maggie Richardson also took the opportunity that day to present a cheque for € 500 that was raised on a recent social event that took place at Javea inn on the Green. Thanks to a lovely evening of music provided courtesy of the Moraira U3A music group, they raised the €500 and It was given to support Cancer Care Javea.

All in all, Javea Green members enjoyed a full day of activities and a great day was to be had. All participants would like to say a big Thank you to Alan Philips for organising this event..


Maggie Richardson with Rosemary Woodhead who is a representative from Cancer Care Javea Charity.

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