My job as a volunteer Manager at the ORIGINAL CHARITY SHOP JAVEA gives me contacts to various help organisations and I am available should any needs arise…….


Tel: 677766004.

A message from Barry Elms

My problems have seemed to come to a head after many trips to Docs and Specialist’s with it being that I have a leaking valve on the Pulmary side of the heart ,which is why I am having a lot of difficulty breathing and walking. As they say they cannot replace it unless its a last resort I am taking a concoction of drugs which has made it a lot better I hope it lasts as Sandy has to take the dog out every morning for the last two months, and its only about 3deg C at dawn. I miss watching her chasing the squirrels, rabbits, deer and pheasants.

Posted 26th November

A message from George Casson

Hi Heather I am in Australia and out of hospital having had a successful total replacement of my right knee. I am now recovering on the Barrier Reef where it is brilliant one day and perfect the next and getting fit and ready for the Xmas festivities. Going to try bowling next week, a practice roll up to see how things go. A Merry Xmas to friends and members.

Regards George.

Posted 24th November

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