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Car air conditioner oil - a choice by all the rules

Almost all drivers without their own hands try to revive the operation of the air conditioning system. Visit this link to gain more ideas: Does your AC system need an oil refill?

Almost all drivers without their own hands try to revive the operation of the air conditioning system. In this case, it is imperative to make your choice, which oil for autoconditioners to choose in order to avoid a malfunction in the future.

Conditioner oil - how not to damage it?

Nowadays in car dealerships there is a spacious set of oils for air conditioners in cars. It is necessary to look at the selection of this material with responsibility, since it is not at all an unimportant thing, as seen at first glance. It is worth noting that in car air conditioners, unlike conventional split systems of other freezing systems and installations, aluminum or duralumin tubes and rubber seals are used for fittings, which, if mishandled or filled with a different composition, have every chance of losing their own physical characteristics and leaving out of service.

If you accidentally mix 2 different types of oil, it will inevitably lead to the formation of oil flakes in the lines of your machine. And already this breakdown is ready to be resolved only in a car service, and such a diagnosis will fly in, followed by cleaning to the driver for a pretty penny. This is why it is fundamental to understand all the subtleties of the operation and maintenance of an automobile air conditioner.

Synthetic and mineral - how to correctly determine the base

There are 2 categories of oils for air conditioning systems - synthetic and mineral formulations. It is not at all difficult to find which one exactly is poured into your car air conditioner, but for this you need to know some subtleties. All cars that were produced before 1994 operate on R-12 freon. This type of freon is mixed with Suniso 5G mineral oil.


Cars that were released after 1994 operate only on R-134a freon, which is used in compositions with synthetic compounds PAG 46, PAG 100, PAG 150. These brands are also called polyalkyl glycol. Freon oil of the R-134a brand does not have the ability to be mineral in any way, only synthetic. In practice, there are exceptional cases when in 1994 a car was produced with compressors, for which it was allowed to use both R-12 and R-134a freon.

Car groups - a tip for the driver

Finding which oil should be added to your car air conditioner will undoubtedly help the place of origin of the car. So, for the market of Korean or Japanese cars, the brands PAG 46, PAG 100 are used, for the South American automotive market, mainly PAG 150, for European cars, the brand PAG 46 is considered more common.

If you decide to change the oil, but you do not know the volume of the air conditioning system, in this case it is recommended to carry out a complete cleaning of the auto air conditioner compressor motor. These measures are needed to ensure that there is no automatic contamination and that your system is sealed. Only then can you fill the amount of oil you need. Before refueling, it is recommended to fill the system with an incomplete part of the oil in order to avoid oil shock in the compressor.

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